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Public Moorings on the Lakes

There are 25 public (courtesy) moorings situated throughout the Myall Lakes System.

There are restrictions in force in regards to their use;

  1. There is a 20 tonne limit on each mooring
  2. Only one vessel may use the mooring at one time
  3. A vessel may occupy that mooring for no more than 24 hours
  Location     Moorings     Coordinates1     Shelter From2  
Nerong 1 32o 30.783S - 152o 12.970'E NW: N: NE
Legge's Camp 3 32o 30.289S - 152o 18.060'E SW: S: SE
Nosworthy's 2 32o 29.063S - 152o 17.062'E W: SW
Professor's Cove 5 32o 28.769S - 152o 17.483'E NE: E: SE: S
Violet Hill 6 32o 28.261S - 152o 19.771'E All
Long Point Bay 5 32o 26.611S - 152o 23.138'E N: NE: E: SE: S
Kattaway Bay 3 32o 26.474S - 152o 25.166'E S: SW
Total 25    










  1. These coordinates are in Degrees - decimal Minutes and are only approximate positioning of the moorings.
  2. Due to the unpredictability of the weather these notes are only a rough guide, it is up to each individual skipper to consider each situation as it happens and act accordingly.

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