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What We Do

We Have Fun!

The Myall Lakes Aquatic Club is a family based organisation which meets on a regular basis on and around the amazing Myall Lakes.

Why not join us and enjoy a variety of activities that people love to do such as jet skiing, boating, swimming, kayaking, sailing, water skiing, stand-up paddle boarding or even a spot of fishing, all of these with the occasional ad hoc competition thrown in to liven thing up.

Really the only limitation is one's imagination, and with imagination there’s no end to the fun things you can do as a member of the Myall Lakes Aquatic Club.

Oh! and we do some serious stuff too - we lobby government departments and source funding for the upkeep of  wharves and other infrastructure throughout the Myall Lakes system.


Come on join in, the fees are a mere $35 for the first member and $10 for the partner, with children under 18 FREE!

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