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History of the Myall Lakes Aquatic Club

The Myall Lakes Aquatic Club was formed on the 9th of July 2003 from the amalgamation of the Myall Lakes Yacht Club and the Myall Boating Club.

Both former clubs amalgamated due to the rising costs of Public Liability Insurance and the ongoing running costs of each club.  By bringing the clubs together, made a more viable option to form a single affordable club, incorporating the aims and objectives of both clubs – The Myall Lakes Aquatic Club.


The Myall Lakes Yacht Club

The Myall Lakes Yacht Club was first formed in 1970, and many notable achievements were instigated and completed within its duration, such as:

  • Instrumental in the establishment of the sewage pump-out boat (Independence)
  • Instrumental in the establishment of the sewage pump-out facilities at Bombah Point
  • Overturned the 1970 S Classification moves
  • Overturned the no-boating clause in the 1980-83 plan of management
  • Built and maintained the jetty at Korsman’s Landing
  • Built and maintained the jetties at Violet Hill
  • Built & maintained the jetty at Tamboi
  • Built & maintained the Helipad pontoon at Tamboi
  • Built & maintained the jetty at Engel’s Reach in conjunction with the Myall Boating Club
  • Built & maintained the Information Jetty in the lower Myall River
  • Erected the BBQ area at Tamboi, which includes a free BBQ, water tank and shelter
  • Installed 20 free public safety moorings throughout the lake system

Apart from the NSW Government, the Myall Lakes Yacht Club was the largest investor for boating facilities in the lake.


The Myall Boating Club

The Myall Boating Club was a social club with its objective to provide 10-12 social events on the lake throughout the year at different anchorages with different themes.  It provided a social hub where like-minded members with similar interests could meet and enjoy water-based and shore-based activities in wonderful locations.  Many members belonged to both clubs and participated in both the social activities and maintaining the lakes system as an ongoing boating venue

The Myall Boating Club was formed at a meeting called by Allan Tennyson and held on the Government Wharf opposite Tea Gardens Hotel in 1972.

The committee was:- Allan Tennyson - Commodore, George Newlin - Rear Commodore and Norm Hipwell - Secretary

The club was very active from 1972-1979 and held many very successful and well attended outings, mainly in the Myall River and the Broadwater.  During that time, the club participated in a sail-past for the opening of the Tea Gardens/Hawks Nest Bridge where over 30 boats, all fully decked out in bunting and flags took part.

Interest in the club began to wane after 1978 and under the control of two other commodores, although a lot of work was done behind the scenes fighting the water classification which was proposed for the lakes. The club was then inactive from about 1979 for one reason or another.

In December 1982,after hearing that the club funds were likely to be transferred to a proposed Hawks Nest Sailing Club, Tim Motum called a meeting of parties interested in reforming the club.  This meeting was held in Tim's home.  Present were Norm Hipwell and Stewart Justice (from the original committee), Calvin Zeininger, Noel Huntington, Tim Motum and George Mallam.

Tim Motum was elected "President" (the new club wanting to get away from the Commodore title), Cal Zeininger - Secretary and Noel Huntington - Treasurer.  Tim Motum remained as President for 4 years.

Many successful outings were held, notably the Fancy Dress party at Korsmans Beach, the "all afloat" outing to Fame Cove where most of the boats backed up to a large oyster punt with the barbecue on board.  Another "notable" outing was at the back of Corrie Island and where the Club boat at the time (an oyster punt on loan) tipped over and most of the gear was lost.  (It appears that Tim was trying to pass a beer across to Alan Blanch travelling alongside in his houseboat and the ensuing waves flipped the punt over).

Then there was a succession of Presidents including, but not necessarily in order - Bill Lyon, Dennis Mount, Jim Bastian, Wal Woodland, Reg Cowling, Jim Fergusson, Craig Thomas, Kevin Williams, Russell Richards and Peter Dodds. (Apologies if anyone has been omitted)

It was during these later years the office changed back from President to Commodore.


The Myall Lakes Acquatic Club

Then in 2003 the Myall Boating Club amalgamated with the Myall Lakes Yacht Club to form the Myall Lakes Aquatic Club.

The aims and objectives put in place by both of the original clubs were upheld in the constitution on the newly formed Myall Lakes Aquatic Club.


The information on the history of the Myall Boating Club was kindly supplied by Tim Motum

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